Abogado de Defensa Criminal en Mississippi

Si usted ha sido acusado de un delito en Mississippi, es crucial ponerse en contacto con un abogado de defensa criminal con experiencia en seguida. Hay mucho puesto en peligro en cualquier caso criminal dado. Una convicción criminal dejará una seã al en su registro permanente, y usted podrã­a afrontar penalidades tiesas, perãodo de prueba, muchas horas del servicio

What Happens After you get a DUI?

There are two sides to the DUI process in Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Hernando, Walls, Mississippi: the administrative license suspension hearing and the criminal court process. Having a skilled North Mississippi criminal defense attorney at your side during all proceedings is in your best interests

DUI Expungement in North Mississippi

Any person convicted of a first offense DUI under Miss. Code Ann. § 63-11-30(2) or (3), who was not the holder of a commercial driver’s license or commercial learning permit at the time of the offense, may petition the circuit court of the county of conviction for an order to expunge the record o…

Bonds on Criminal Charges

When people are released before trial, it’s either through a bond or through an agreement. The Mississippi Constitution, Section 29, dictates that these matters are decided by the courts. The use of the following considerations should be followed when deciding on bail in a case: The length o…

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