Is “Buzzed” Driving Drunk Driving in Mississippi?

If you’re facing an arrest for DUIs, you need to understand the penalties can be more severe in Mississippi. You can incur steep fines, serve jail time, and lose your driver’s license the first time you’re convicted of a Mississippi DUI. Should you plead guilty to DUI if you were only ‘buzzed’? Consult an attorney to understand your options.

It’s important to understand what qualifies as a DUI in Mississippi and to seek your lawyer’s guidance. You’re innocent until proven guilty, and they’ll guide you through the legal process with the best possible outcome.

What Qualifies as a DUI in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, a person can be charged for DUI under four situations:

  1. Under the influence of intoxicating liquor;
  1. Under the influence of any other substance that has impaired the person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle;
  2. Under the influence of any drug or controlled substance, the possession of which is unlawful under the Mississippi Controlled Substances Law; or
  3. Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .08% or higher.

Whether you can safely operate a vehicle is an inexact standard. Is your blood/breath alcohol content at or above .08%? Maybe. But if viewed in any other light, it is subjective. Police may charge you with DUI in Mississippi if they believe you are impaired or your BAC is over .08%. With the use of drunk driving laws, you can be convicted if there’s greater than .08% blood alcohol content. The problem is that this is difficult to prove if it’s under that limit. Acquiring a lawyer with experience in these kinds of cases will help you win the case.

DUI Penalties

In Mississippi, for a first offense DUI the person shall be fined not less than Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($ 250.00) nor more than One Thousand Dollars ($ 1,000.00), or imprisoned for not more than forty-eight (48) hours in jail, or both; the court shall order the person to attend and complete an alcohol safety education program as provided in Section 63-11-32 within one (1) year.

If you happen to accumulate two, three, or four DUI charges the penalties are harsher. However, there are still options In some cases, you may be eligible for other alternative remedies. A skilled DUI defense attorney can explain your options and negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf.

Hire an Experienced Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing DUI charges in Mississippi, it is important to find the right attorney with experience defending DUI cases. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the criminal justice system – including dealing with your BAC. Attorney Hiten H. Patel has aggressively defended Mississippians for years, and he can help you too. Call HP Attorneys, PLLC, at 901-300-6249, or contact them online to set up your consultation.

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